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Reconnect to your true nature


A journey to grow & expand into a resilient nervous system & pleasure-based life

How can trauma work meet juiciness?

My inquiry is to turn suppressed emotions into leadership & create not only safety in the body and with other bodies but shift our perception to a pleasure based life, where the whole spectrum of yourself is unfolding in depth & beauty.

Because simply by being, you are worthy to receive it all.

NURTURE YOUR NATURE  -expand into a resilient nervous system & pleasure-based life

Beginning from the 22.02.2022 - 16.03.2022 we will open a temple for our remembrance to be deeply nourished & celebrated.

Are you ready to move your patterns of victimhood into portals of creation?


By saying your wild yes you get life-long access to a ever-expanding Portal

with over 10 (!) hours Content of

how to regulate & heal the Nervous System to stay connected in your body, built resilience and finding trust & safety

..getting out of survival and alchemise suppressed emotions into power to expand your capacity to receive without guilt or mistrust to allow and relax into deep intimacy and expand your capacity to let love, joy & pleasure in,

igniting your joy & pleasure from within.

Our body of work

Nervous System Regulation, Core Resources & Inner Child Healing, Emotional Alchemy, Polarity Consciousness

This course combines trauma healing, sensual wild body expression, authentic living, inner guidance and emotional maturity in one powerful Container.

Über Maria

Mahé´s body of work weaves together somatic trauma healing & wild emotional alchemy in a unique approach;

her being; a heart centred mystic, a doula for love, depth & intimacy.

Her desire is to give you an embodied remembrance on your wholesomeness. Mahé´s tools could be wildly described as de-armouring of the heart, unearthing the neglected, soothing the rejected and awakening the unconditional care of your inner mother

she, who can hold ALL OF YOU and calls you in for love

and your inner father

he, who can hold ALL OF YOU and calls you back into integrity and alignement


Attuning to the emotional landscapes of your being, Mahé will dismantle your shields of self-destruction, power play & separation

and bring you back to your highest alignment with your soul-connected, heart wide open nature.

Your nervous system menu

Your Portal Your live experience

life-long access

to the Course Content of Nurture your Nature including all updates and new content that will be added to the portal throughout the course development in the future. Yes, i said life-long access! Aint that abundant?

Client love - Feedback:


— For whom is it?

For every body that wants to unwind their nervous system and alchemise patterns of trigger and trauma into an awakened, open heart. Folks that are done playing small but want to eat the deliciousness of life itself.

— What´s the price?

333 Euro for this first live round. The price will raise to 666 after the 16th of March and this will be the only live round of the container, so if you feel the calling, it´s now ready to be claimed by you.

— Are there live calls?

We will start with a welcoming call via Zoom and then gather in a fb group where i will share 2 live Q&A´s and more spontaneous lives to the topics and questions that arise. Also, i will take inspiration from your experience to fill the portal with what you want and need to receive. This is unique, you can literally co-create your life-long course.

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